Monday, July 03, 2006

Upcoming Posts

I think of more that I want to put up here than I have time to put up, so I'm going to list some upcoming posts that I plan on making:

  • Information about the 200MPH speedometer from Herbie Fully Loaded. (done)

  • Information about Herbie graphics and decals.

  • Information and pictures of the second batch of parts that I have yet to unpack.

  • Laundry list of items (either feature/comfort/perfomance) that I will allow myself to deviate from an original restoration.

  • Information about Herbie wheels and tire sizes.

  • Information about a 1963 period accurate tachometer.

  • Information on possible suspension changes from a stock Beetle.

  • Information on disc brakes.

  • Information on modern air conditioning.

  • Information on exhaust and turbo.

  • Information on transmissions and possible 5 speed.

  • Information on interior coverings (from TMI and Sewfine.)

I'm listing these as much for your information as a reminder to myself to write articles about these topics.